Membership and certification


TESA Logistics has been a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) since 2005.

ECCI was established in order to represent and protect the common interests of Estonian businessmen, industrialists, bankers and ship-owners in 1925. ECCI has seen different times, but it has always remained the most important business address for both Estonian and foreign entrepreneurs interested in Estonia.





TESA Logistics has been a member of the Estonian Freight Forwarding Association (EFFA) since 2005.


The foundation meeting of EFFA was held on 6 December 1994 in Tallinn. Today, EFFA unites 51 companies engaged in international transport and freight forwarding or the provision of other logistics services.



TESA Logistics has been a member of the INSCA since 2007.INSCA-_-Logo

INSCA is the only international association for the natural sausage casing industry. Members include producers, suppliers and brokers of natural casing products. Additional membership categories are available to manufacturers of equipment used in the processing of natural casings, general animal by-products or any casings-related fields, as well as for national associations representing sausage casing companies.


TESA Logistics has the AA grade credit rating certified by Krediidiinfo AS, an Experian company.exp


ISO 9001:2012

TESA Logistics is in process to qualify for the ISO 9001:2012 certificate for global logistics.
To be completed in the near future.